Professionalism and Civility in Practice

Presenter: Mike Tanner, Former President of The Florida Bar

This course will allow viewers to look at the concepts of professionalism and civility in-depth using re-enactments based on Florida case law, specifically, The Florida Bar v. Schwartz, 284 So.3d, 393 (Fla. 2019) and The Florida Bar v. Krapacs, 2020 WL 3869584 (Fla. 2020).

  1. Why did you choose to become a lawyer?
  2. Thinking about the public’s perception of unprofessional behavior, how does that behavior impact the ability for lawyers to represent the public effectively?
  3. Has a loss in collegiality impacted the legal profession?

Viewers will also learn more about The Florida Bar’s Henry Latimer Center for Professionalism, professionalism resources, The Florida Bar’s Ethics Hotline (800-235-8619), and the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar commonly used to regulate unprofessional behavior, including Rule 4-8.4 (Misconduct) and Rule 3-4.3 (Misconduct and Minor Misconduct).

CLE Certificate

Supplemental Materials