Professionalism and Civility in Practice

This course presents scenes inspired by real court cases that exhibited violations of the Professionalism Guidelines of the Florida Bar. President of the Florida Bar, Michael Tanner, discusses these violations and informs of the consequences of the misconduct in the cases.

Professionalism in a Deposition

This course informs on the importance of acting professionally and civilly in a legal counseling setting. Florida Attorney, Masimba Mutamba, reviews and discusses the Professionalism Guidelines of the Florida Bar and how they are portrayed in a deposition.

Candor Towards the Tribunal

This course presents scenes in which attorneys are faced with ethical dilemmas and prompts the viewer to ask themselves, “What would you do as the attorney in this situation?” This exercise encourages viewers to refer to the guidelines set forth by the Florida Bar when considering what to do in these circumstances.

Practical Tips for Practicing Law

Forget theory. This course gets real. Short vignettes present common practice situations that attorneys face, along with discussion points, case law, and tips for navigating tricky areas. Topics include conducting proper research, preventing the filing of frivolous claims, applying proper case law and statutes, how to use the hierarchy of authority, the duty to cite adverse controlling authority, billing, time management, scope of representation, electronic payment methods, the rules of motion practice, and reminders to follow rules about font size, page requirements, margins, spacing, and footnotes.

Client Confidentiality

This course explores the ethical duty and professional expectation of confidentiality for Florida’s lawyers and encourages critical thinking about how participants will protect client information from disclosure in social interactions where confidentiality is not necessarily the first thing on the lawyer’s mind.

Negative Online Reviews

What are the ethical and professional considerations for attorneys in an age of social media? This course informs about communicating with clients, opposing counsel, and judges; appropriate social media use; confidentiality; consent required to reveal information; exceptions to the confidentiality rules; the appropriate language to use when responding to negative online reviews; and best practices for social media use.

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