The Professional Lawyer


Legal theory is important. However, this series of short video vignettes created by attorney David Simon is designed to give practical tips for common issues faced in real-world legal practice.

While watching, make sure to review the supporting handout which offers excellent discussion points for each scene, along with relevant case law to help navigate these common practice pitfalls.

Scene 1: Amended Complaint

This video explores how to recognize and avoid filing a frivolous claim.

Scene 2: DCA Opinion

This video looks at the importance of strong research skills; how to properly apply case law and statutes in pleadings; how to determine controlling authority; how to apply the hierarchy of authority; and it offers a review of the Pardo Principle found in Pardo v. State, 596 So. 2d 665, 667 (Fla. 1992).

Scene 3: Reply Brief

This video demonstrates the importance of detailed research and the duty to cite controlling adverse authority.

Scene 4: Invoices

This important scene presents common issues attorneys have with time management and billing, including hourly fee agreements, scope of representation, limited representation agreements, detailed/itemized bills; and payment methods, including paying through electronic services such as Venmo and PayPal.

Scene 5: Page Limits

This vignette reminds lawyers of the importance of time management, diligence, motion practice, and the importance of adhering to the rules requiring page and word court limitations, as well as using proper font size, margin size, line spacing, and footnotes.

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