Candor Towards the Tribunal Scene 1: When the Time is Right

00:14- Hello, this is Howard!
00:15- [Alexis] Hi, Howard, it's Alexis!
00:16How are you?
00:17- Oh, hi Alexis!
00:18How are you?
00:19- I'm doing really well, and how's Wendy doing?
00:21- I'm doing okay.
00:22Wendy, she's doing okay too, but she's actually not here at the moment.
00:27I did send you all the latest material, and it had both of our signatures as well.
00:33- Yes, I got everything that I needed.
00:35Thanks so much for getting that right over to me.
00:37I've compiled everything, and I filed the motion with the court last Friday.
00:42- Great, thanks!
00:44So, when do you expect we'll hear a ruling?
00:46- Well, it's in the court's hands right now.
00:48So, hopefully, rather quickly, but Howard, let me ask you a question.
00:52I actually received a phone call from a number that I didn't know, and when I listened to the voicemail, it was Wendy, and she was leaving a message, and asking me if I needed her to sign any documents, and so I was kind of confused, because I already got the signed documents in the mail from you guys.
01:12So, am I missing something here?
01:14I just wanna make sure we're all on the same page.
01:16- Well, here's the thing, Alexis.
01:18Our marriage isn't really doing so great right now.
01:21Wendy actually moved in with her sister.
01:23So I don't really know how things are gonna play out in the future.
01:28All the forms that you sent over, they look fine.
01:31I went ahead and signed the documents, plus I signed the first document.
01:35So we have to keep the signatures the same, right?
01:38I know Wendy's gonna be okay with it.
01:39She's supportive of all my decisions, still.
01:42So, no need to contact her.
01:46Hey, Alexis, tell you what,
01:48I'm actually getting a phone call on the other end.
01:51Don't bother Wendy with this.
01:52You know, I'll let her know when the time is right.
01:54I really do appreciate it.