Candor Towards the Tribunal Scene 2: Break the Glass in Case of Emergency

00:10- Look!
00:12- Hey, Teri, how are you?
00:15Let's take a step back.
00:16What are all these documents?
00:17- A gold mine for my dissolution of marriage case.
00:20That's what these are.
00:22Remember when you took on my case, how I told you how my husband's company owns an office building?
00:28- Yeah, I remember you mentioned that you had an office that you used in Victor's place for printing, and copying, and such.
00:36- Exactly!
00:37So I know our marriage has been on the rocks for a while, so, in addition to my own personal needs,
00:42I started making copies of his documents in his office, kind of a "break the glass in case of an emergency" file.
00:50I think Victor is going to try to hide assets from me during the divorce, but since we separated, that stupid jerk locked me out of his office building.
01:00So I can only go there after hours or with supervision.
01:05The nerve!
01:05After 10 years of marriage,
01:07I figured he must be hiding something real special.
01:10So, the other night, I snuck back into his office to make more copies of documents that
01:16I didn't previously have.
01:18Plus, I still know the passcode to the office building.
01:21So I waved at the security guards,
01:23I walked straight on in,
01:25I found a file of what looked like to be a password.
01:28I typed it in, and voilĂ !
01:30I had full access to his business emails, and his entire computer.
01:35So I made a few more copies of documents, and you have to take a look at these.
01:40We can use this to really stick it to him, and you wouldn't believe my idiot husband.
01:45He has the same password on his work computer and his computer at home, which is still at our house.
01:51So I typed it into our computer at home, and I had full access to his personal activities, his day-to-day conversations with people, and even the ones with his scummy lawyer.
02:05I know you mentioned that there's this process called discovery, but I've hooked you up.
02:09Everything that you could possibly want is here.
02:12Before I came to you today,
02:14I decided to drive by my husband's apartment, where he's been staying since we've separated, and I saw that his car was there with the window rolled down, because he likes to keep his car cool in the summertime.
02:25So, naturally, I walked up to his car.
02:28I peeped in, in the passenger seat, and there was a file sitting there with my name on it.
02:34So I opened the file.
02:36I started looking around, but I didn't wanna take the file, because I didn't want him to know that I had been there.
02:41So I pulled out my phone, and I started taking pictures.
02:45In the file, there were e-mails with his lawyer, there were court documents.
02:51Of course, I didn't read the e-mails with his lawyer.
02:54I wanted you to decide that, because I wasn't sure if it was considered privileged.
02:59So, here you go.
03:00Hey, so I'm gonna run to the restroom.
03:03Why don't you take a look over these documents, so you can further brainstorm about how we can crush Victor?
03:08And I know you'll thank me later.