Candor Towards the Tribunal Scene 3A: The Deposition Gambit

00:10- Hi, thanks for coming in.
00:11I'm glad we had a chance to review some questions and deposition procedures so that you understand what to expect at your deposition.
00:18Like I said, opposing counsel's gonna ask about the value of your assets, including your properties.
00:23Make sure you answer truthfully, okay?
00:25Do you have any other questions?
00:27- Well, thanks for your help, but to be clear,
00:29I don't actually plan on telling opposing counsel about all of my assets and their value.
00:35That's not really gonna help me in my case, and I really don't wanna give them a dime.
00:40- Right, I understand that.
00:41But while you're in deposition you'll be under oath and expected to testify truthfully.
00:45Just because something is bad for your case does not change this obligation.
00:49If you lie under oath, that's considered perjury.
00:52- Yeah, okay, I get that, but I don't want people to know the truth, and I wanna limit what the other side knows, so I don't plan on telling the truth when it comes to my assets, particularly their value.
01:03If I have any questions,
01:05I'll give you a call in the morning.