Candor Towards the Tribunal Scene 3B: The White Lie

00:09- I think the deposition went well, but I have a few questions.
00:13When opposing counsel asked you about the value of your assets, including your properties, your answers seemed a little less thorough than the rest of your testimony.
00:21Do you really not know how much your property's worth and how many you own?
00:24- Well, yeah, of course I know.
00:26And you are my lawyer so I'm happy to tell you anything you wanna know.
00:30I know exactly how many properties and what the value is, but I wasn't going to tell opposing council about that.
00:36I want to keep some of the properties a secret.
00:38- I understand that, but you were under oath.
00:40We're gonna have to create a statement to let them know you lied under oath.
00:43- You know, nevermind. Forget that I said anything.
00:46I need to keep the properties a secret.
00:48You didn't even know about it until after depositions.