Candor Towards the Tribunal Scene 5: The Unexpected Event

00:12- This is Aaron, how may I help you?
00:14- Hi, Aaron, this is Dorothy.
00:17You represent my mom in a lawsuit and I don't really even know how to say this, but my mom unexpectedly passed away last night.
00:27- I'm so sorry to hear that, Dorothy.
00:29My condolences to you and to your family.
00:32When are the services scheduled?
00:35- No, her passing was very unexpected, and so we don't have the services set up yet, but my mom had mentioned that there was something going on in the case.
00:45- Things are happening in the case.
00:46In fact, we have mediation that was scheduled to take place tomorrow.
00:51Your mother and I prepared extensively for it.
00:53And, frankly, I think we're really close to a settlement.
00:56This obviously puts things up in the air though.
00:59- Oh, well, I know this case was important to mom.
01:02I know she really wanted to resolve it.
01:04I, you know, can, maybe I can attend?
01:07Or, better yet, I mean, you're the lawyer, can't you just handle it before mediation?
01:12I really wouldn't want this case to be compromised if the other side found out that my mom had passed.
01:17- I don't know, Dorothy.
01:18I really do apologize and I'm so sorry for your situation, but I'm gonna have to look into this and get back to you.