The Professional Lawyer 4 – Invoices

00:16- Hey, good morning, Alex.
00:17- Good morning, Mr. James.
00:18I was just calling to see when our office could expect your payment.
00:21I know that you have copies of the invoices and I was calling to see if you wanted to discuss any questions about the payment.
00:27I did receive your email that you've retained other counsel for litigation, but you would get with me to resolve the bill and the payment.
00:35- Well, I have some concerns.
00:36I know the case was complicated and I owe you for some of your work.
00:39And we have a continuance and our new lawyer is getting up to speed to take over the case.
00:43I'm just wondering about the specific time spent on each task.
00:47- Sure, well, the agreement stated that I would make a limited appearance for the pending Charter Bank's motion for summary judgment which is in case number CA-2276, that is scheduled for March 6th and may provide additional legal services which we may subsequently agree.
01:03With respect to the fees, the agreement provided that the hourly standard billing rate is $250 for attorneys and $100 for legal assistance.
01:13It also provides that time billed should be accrued in one quarter of an hour.
01:19The agreement also requires a $5,000 retainer which is deemed earned upon payment and unfortunately it's non-refundable.
01:25- I mean, yeah, I have the copy of the agreement in front of me right now.
01:28I see that.
01:29But your bill just says the payment is due for 20 hours of 250, which equals 5,000 for reviewing the motion for summary judgment filed by Charter Bank, researching available defenses, writing a memorandum in opposition to the motion, traveling from Palm Beach County to Okaloosa County, and attending the hearing and preparing a motion for disqualification of Judge Brown.
01:49And I'll say this will be the end of our agreement.
01:51- Well, yes, but as you know, on March 6th
01:53I did appear at the motion for summary judgment hearing.
01:56At the hearing the judge recused himself and the hearing had to be continued.
02:01So on March 12th I went ahead and I sent you an email, which I attached my skinny bill to that, and I didn't really think you needed to see itemization of my work.
02:10- But the hearing on the motion for summary judgment was rescheduled for May 1st.
02:13And you told me you wouldn't appear until further payment.
02:16So my sister sent you the 1,500 on April 30th.
02:19- Right, but did you see my emails that I sent over?
02:22I really need you to make arrangement for that payment of 5,000, please.
02:26- I'm considering paying through credit card.
02:28- Well, if you want, you can use Venmo or PayPal.
02:30- Listen, I really need your help for me and my wife.
02:33I'll send you the 5,000 through PayPal, but it's gonna gimme a service fee of 275.
02:38- Well, once I get paid and I cover that May 1st hearing, that will conclude our arrangement.
02:43It should be about $8,000 for, I'd say 32 hours or so.
02:47Remember, our first agreement was limited to just covering the motion for summary judgment hearing.
02:52I'll also need you to sign a second fee agreement and I'm afraid going forward,
02:56I'm gonna have to charge you $350 per hour, plus I'll need to get a retainer for $30,000 to proceed forward.
03:04- That is a lot of money, but I really need your help and I understand that litigation is expensive.
03:10- Yes, of course.
03:11Well, how about this?
03:12As soon as I get that second fee agreement executed and the retainer, we can talk.
03:16I'll go ahead and come up with a detailed schedule and a plan of attack, okay?
03:20Talk to you soon.