The Professional Lawyer 5 – Page Limits

00:10- All right, moving on.
00:11How are we looking for the latest brief for our motion?
00:14I know we have to e-file in two hours but I need to get this extra argument section in there.
00:21- We're already at 27 pages and I double checked the local rules, and the limit is 25.
00:27What's this new argument?
00:29- It's just two more pages.
00:30I mean, again, I really need to get this in.
00:32I know we're tight on time but I really need to get these arguments in there.
00:36Can we play around with the font or any margins?
00:38How can we get this to squeeze?
00:40- We're using the smallest font the court rules allow right now.
00:43- Nothing else we can do to squeeze it in?
00:45- I don't think so line spacing and margins are properly set.
00:49- Look at these court rules again myself.
00:55- So what do you wanna do?
00:56I have the current brief and it's 29 pages.
00:59Can we cut something or edit something out or do you just want me to get it ready to file?
01:04We could always maybe ask the court's permission to file a larger brief.